Spring is coming…

…and we can’t wait! We’re painting the walls, cleaning the displays, and ordering product that will knock your socks off. A little dramatic, but I suppose not impossible.

So what is Loft & Vine and why is it moving into the North End, home to all things yummy and delicious? Well, it’s a home decor shop, filled (or at least will be filled!) with unique and fun treasures to create your happy space at home. Going to a cocktail party and need a little hostess gift? You’ll find it here. Looking for the perfect birthday gift, yes indeed.

But what if you need a can opener? ¬†Yes. L&V it’s a shop you can get your most needed kitchen supplies…like a can opener, or wine opener or letter opener. No, probably not a letter opener.

But wait…haven’t mentioned the best part. Flowers,¬†Succulents, Garden Tools, oh my. Ok, I know this is a city, but us city folk need to garden too! So L&V will provide you with all the tools you need to start your own garden, whether it be in your kitchen ( yes you can grow inside!) or on your deck, or a patio. Wherever you want to grow, you can grow. OR, maybe you are not interested in growing a thing…you can still come by and a pick up a bunch of tulips (no getting your hands dirty there!).

So, hold on till May…I know you can. I’m so SUPER excited to get this show on the road. See you in May!



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