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Jax Kelly Amber Crystal Candle - Assorted


White Howlite: Slow down and bring about a calming aura with the scent blend of bright woodsy spruce and a touch of eucalyptus, spearmint, and cedar essential oils. A tumbled white howlite stone evokes mindfulness, creating space for patience and perspective. 

Rose Quartz: Fall in love with rich patchouli and the floral scent of fig, focusing the radiating rose quartz energy within to find solidarity and a bond of tenderness amongst us all. 

Moonstone: A rich and complex profile of amber, soft florals, and deep tonka notes connects to the power of the moonstone crystal within to bring luck, good fortune, and a call to optimism. 

Citrine: Elevate your mood with the warmth and effervescence of sweet citrus and notes of amber, focusing the bright citrine energy within to strengthen your spirit and refocus with optimism. 

Amethyst: Ground yourself in a wash of sandalwood and citrus notes, letting the healing amethyst crystal within radiate an open heart and an open mind.