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Leaf Cuff

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Sterling Silver.

Anantara was founded as and continues to be, a lovingly curated and designed collection of handcrafted jewelry, created around the owner's love for everything hand made and the artistic aesthetic of rural South East Asia. The collection represents a blend of traditional motifs and craftsmanship with contemporary and functional design. Except where noted, all items and their components are hand made by traditional Hill Tribe silversmiths.

Thai Hill Tribe Silver has a higher silver content than sterling (92.5%), and is typically 95 - 99% pure silver. The higher silver content makes the silver slightly softer and therefore, easier to pound and shape.

One of the driving forces behind Anantara is to incorporate this set of internationally recognized business principles which includes empowering women, ethnic minorities and other marginalized people, to flourish and thrive in their work and to develop economic independence.