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Eclipse Candle Collection - Assorted


The Eclipse Collection honors the ritual of lighting a candle: the interplay between light and dark, the moment of illumination with both vivid brightness and deep shadows, and the slowly waning wax. This collection celebrates this ritual through its distinct design and refined scents.

Studio Stockhome is a niche home fragrance company based in California that blends modern design with artful fragrances to elevate everyday moments at home.

Chai Notes: cardamom, clove, tobacco, ginger, black tea, warm milk

Cotton Notes: ozone, lavender, violet, amber, oakmoss, rose, green accord

Hinoki Notes: Japanese cypress, bergamot, balsam, cedar, patchouli, pine, oakmoss, musk

Palo Santo Notes: palo santo, saffron, tonka bean, champaca, golden amber

Santalum Notes: sandalwood, cardamom, sichuan pepper, vetiver, amber