Library of Flowers Eau de Parfum

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Carefully crafted to create memorable journeys through sight and scent. We invite you into the library of flowers where moments are captured in artful perfumes waiting to be released upon happy whim. A unique blend of artful essences from their small batch perfumery.

Dimensions: Bottle: 3.5" h x 1.75" d. Fill weight: 1.69 fl oz / 49.7 ml.

Fragrance Notes:

True Vanilla:

Top: Bergamot - Middle: Dark Vanilla -  Bottom: Amber

Field and Flowers:

Top: Apricot - Middle: Honeyed Blossom - Bottom: Wildflowers


Top: Sugared Fig - Middle: Ambrosia Honey - Bottom: Royal Bee Blossom

Willow and Water:

Top: Cut Greens - Middle: Flowering Lotus - Bottom: Watercress