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About Us

Mike & I (Sarah) opened Loft & Vine in 2017 in the charming neighborhood of the North End of Boston. Since we live in the North End we know how special it is and what an amazing community spirit exists throughout these cobblestone streets.

Mike is the numbers guy, computer tech and helpful handyman and I ran the day to day, buying, merchandising, greeting customers from near and far. By far, I mean all around the world. Our neighborhood is a must-see stop for tourists so all year round we had lots and lots of foot traffic. Until, well you know. 2020.

So Covid-19 arrived and we made the terribly hard decision to close up shop but continue selling online. People now more than ever need a reason to smile and what better way to spread joy than sending a sweet gift to a friend or buying a little treat for yourself.

We will continue searching out new artists and new products to brighten your days. We're not letting Covid win. We will get through this and we will be stronger on the other side. All of us:) 


Sarah & Mike