October 16, 2022

And just like that...

By Sarah Garabedian
And just like that...

October 16th. Every year I say the same thing. How could summer have flown by so quickly? But here we are with the leaves turning and the air getting chilly. Tourists are coming in the shop excited to ask questions about their visit. Like....is it always this beautiful here? 

Halloween is fast approaching and I can't wait to see the neighborhood kids dressed up in their costumes. Oh, and the dogs too for the annual parade. We'll be here with candy and treats for all. This year we've decided to do a "best costume" award for the kids AND the pooches. So stop by anytime between 4-6pm on Halloween and you could win!

In the meantime, we're excited to show you some of our new products that we just got in.

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