June 25, 2023

Blog Takeover!

By Lindsay Toia
Blog Takeover!

June 2023

If you know Loft & Vine, you know Sarah. And if you know Sarah, you know that her shop is amazing, and that she is crazy busy! Too busy for some things, like blogging.

Annnnnddd that’s where I come in- Hi! I’m Lindsay. Consider me your resident North End girl-next-door (…. to Loft & Vine, like literally). Living in the best area of Boston (Me? Bias? Never….) means being lucky enough to be steps away from amazing shops, restaurants, and bakeries. I love it, but my wallet? Not so much.

Outside of my normal day job, (LinkedIn here, not wasting airtime) I’ve been doing product photography for Sarah. If you poke around on the site, you’ll see some photos of the shop’s great selection. Poke around long enough, and odds are you’ll also buy something. So keep on keepin’ on!! And come back here soon where we’ll be sharing lots more about Loft & Vine and life in the North End!

Ciao, LT + L&V

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