July 25, 2023

Hello Barbie, Loft & Vine has Joined the Party!

By Lindsay Toia
Hello Barbie, Loft & Vine has Joined the Party!

Even if you haven’t seen it yet, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard about the Barbie blockbuster movie… and coming along with it, the #BarbieCore trend that has made its way across fashion, home décor, and even cocktails! Essentially every facet of our reality that can be curated to match the Barbie World aesthetic has been, and we are here for it!

ICYMI, we’ve Barbie-fied the shop! Come in and check out our colorful statement earrings, vinyl barbie stickers, pink glassware, beaded purses and cute keychains to get all dolled up! CBS Boston featured the shop and our very own Emily in their Barbiemania story!

Barbie martini glasses

The community had been finding lots of fun ways to celebrate. My roommate and I visited Good Taste Records for their special vinyl listening session of “Barbie: The Album” ahead of its official release. So fun celebrating the music of the movie!

Album release party

Sarah, Kate, Kailah, Emily, Christine and Alison went and watched the film on Sunday night, some are already looking forward to watching again!

Movie night

Make sure to check out the shop for perfect accessories and gifts for any upcoming Barbie-themed parties!

☺ Ciao, LT + L&V


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