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Neighborhood Charm

Neighborhood Charm

If you’ve been to Loft & Vine, then you’ve been to the North End! Most of the Loft & Vine crew live in the neighborhood, some longer than others but we all love to call it home. 

While it has only been a year since I moved to the North End, I feel right at home here. I grew up in an Italian-American family that eats pasta every Sunday, and experiencing things like the Feasts this August has made me feel closer to my heritage.

Beyond the initial things that drew me (the walkability, the Italian history, the food!!!), I quickly came to love how much of a community there is here. Running into friends (fellow post-grad North End transplants) on the corner while also meeting residents in local businesses, churches, and cafés that have lived here for decades has been a really special experience. 

I’ve run into Loft & Vine on several occasions to pick out gifts for friends who are new to the neighborhood, as well as coworkers who lived here years ago that have since moved to the suburbs and ask me to share stories so that they can live “vicariously”. My go-to gift has been the North End Stemless Wine Glass, which also comes in a Boston variation as well as in Champagne Flutes. I’ve also had my eye on the Apolis North End and Boston tote bags, they are really cute and are perfect for a day of running errands! The shop also has a great selection of coasters, keychains, ornaments and other needle-point “Entering North End” products from Smathers & Branson.


Whether a visitor is shopping for a souvenir or a current resident is looking for an 02113 keychain to bring to their home a few doors down, there is a little piece of neighborhood charm for everyone at Loft & Vine!


LT + L&V

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Summer Saturday in Boston

Summer Saturday in Boston

Welcome back to the Loft & Vine blog!

I’m sharing some fun things I did around the North End and other areas of Boston with a few friends... what are weekends for, if not brunch and shopping?

I started the morning with brunch down on Salem St. (just a hop and a skip away from the shop) at Wicked Craft Co. The food was amazing, and they had lots of fun drinks. Perfect spot if you’re looking for a high-energy atmosphere with a bumping early 2000s playlist!

After brunch, we visited shops throughout the North End that were hosting a celebration of summer with raffles and special promotions. Loft & Vine was giving away delicious Southie Cookies with every purchase, and the most adorable flower bouquets from Bubbly-n -Blooms! This inspired me to opt for an outfit with bright colors, specifically the trending “Barbie Pink” shade. Sarah has the cutest beaded handbags by Tiana NY in the shop and I brought along a floral one that matched my dress perfectly! It was the perfect size for having my necessities on me through the day (phone, wallet, lipstick, sunglasses, etc.) without adding any bulk. My friend loved it so much when she saw it at brunch that she went and bought one for herself!

Later on, we headed over to Seaport to make custom perfumes at the Ol Factory pop-up which was lots of fun! We wrapped up the afternoon with a walk through Christopher Columbus Park, one of my favorite spots in the area. Stay tuned for more to come on the blog soon!


☺ Ciao, LT + L&V

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We have a new home!

YAHOO!!!!!!!! We're so excited to announce that we found a new brick and mortar space for Loft & Vine and the best part is we will still be in the North End of Boston:) We have some work to do in the space before we move in but we are expecting to be open by August 1st.
120 Salem Street

It has been such a crazy year and we want to thank you all for the love and support you have shown's made all the difference. We cannot wait to see your faces and celebrate 2021!
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